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1. Participants have to submit their presentation material(s) on the website (before November 30th, 2023, GMT+7).

2. Presentation file format : 

  • Portrait poster

  • Size : 90 x 120 cm

  • PDG and PNG

3. For online delegates, attending online preparation workshops and the readiness of online devices are compulsory.

​4. Presentation session will be assigned by track of E-poster presentation. Time and presentation sequence are sent to registered email. Please prepare yourself before your session begins about 10 minutes.

5. For an onsite presentation, delegate can come to check your poster file about 30-45 minutes before the competition begins.

6. Presentation time : 8 minutes ( 5 minutes for presentation, 3 minutes for quesitions and answers ).

7. Warning sound : 1 time ( at the 4th minute )

8. All delegate's poster will be displayed online and/or onsite.

9. For an online presentation, the presentation will be conducted on an LCD projector screen.




Popular Vote Competition

In the Popular Vote Competition, all competitors with the accepted posters can independently participate in this program. The final scores are calculated by votes from the Facebook page.

The posters will be posted on our official Facebook page. The rules are applied as follows :

1. Each single Facebook like and all other emoticon reactions in each posted poster will be counted as 1 point.

2. Each single Facebook share in each posted poster will be counted as 2 points.

3. A repeated Facebook share from the same account will not be included.

4. Only accepted abstracts are eligible for the Popular Vote Competition.

5. Participants are to submit their posters on the website before November 31st, 2023, GMT+7.
6. The popular vote competition will start from 12:00 of November 24th, 2023, GMT+7 until 12:00 a.m. of December 11th, 2023, GMT+7.

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