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Abstract Submission


Abstract Submission Protocol

Research Competition

Abstract content is reviewed by the judge panels who evaluate the work based on its overall quality, originality, and relevance to the medical fields. Abstracts are not considered to be a prior publication of the work for the purposes of a journal publication. Abstract selection will be evaluated based on: Quality of work Novelty of approach Significance of the contribution to the medical field    Clarity of written presentation Quality of visual and oral presentation Confidentiality of submissions is maintained during the whole review process. All rejected submissions are kept confidential in perpetuity. All submitted materials for the accepted submissions are kept confidential until the start of the conference. The launch of the digital conference abstracts will be released on the website before the conference including only the title and author information. Submissions should not contain sensitive, private, or proprietary information that cannot be disclosed at publication time.

The two types of research competition in IMRC 2023, are Oral presentation and E-poster presentation, which are divided in five tracks including : 1. Basic science research 2 .Community-based and health system research 3. Clinical-based research 4. Medical education research 5. Systematic review and meta-analysis research




& Regulation

1. All submissions must be in English. 2. Documents with any form of plagiarism are immediately disqualified. 3. Deadline for submission is to be strictly followed. Any form of action which does not follow the deadline is disqualified. 4. All decisions made by judge panels are final. 5. Corresponding authors from multiple institutes are accepted. However, only one presenter can register underthe conclusion among authors. 6. For group research, a presenting speaker shall be designated as a primary author for competition purposes. 7. The academic committee will recognize the latest submission before the deadline.

1. Abstracts will be reviewed by three medical health professional reviewers. 2. For abstracts that are not accepted for oral presentation, reconsideration for E-poster presentation is conducted automatically. 3. IMRC announces accepted abstracts in October 15th, 2023 via registered email.




Abstract Submission

1. Submission deadline : September 15th, 2023, GMT +7. No more changes are allowed to be made to the abstract after the closing submission. 2. Results announcement: October 15th, 2023, GMT +7 3. Abstract format required for abstract submission is listed below : a. Title b. Authors and Institution/organization c. Content i. Background/Introduction ii. Objective iii. Method iv. Results v. Discussion/Conclusion vi. Keywords (at least 3 words) d. Word limit is 350 words e. Language : Only English, all local words or phrases used should be provided with English translation

1. Studies should present a significant new contribution in the biomedical, clinical, or public health fields. 2. The same protocol cannot be submitted for more than one competition. 3. Ethics approval of studies dealing with human data or animal subjects is required. 4. All research topics from undergraduate students are welcome, which are not limited to the theme of the conference.


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